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Red Genesis Series

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Amazon Lee Adventures Series


Kailin Gow and Kira G.'s popular Amazon Lee Adventures Series is a STEM book, a Middle Grade/Teen Book Series, a Social Studies Book Series, and a Diverse Books Series  featuring a strong female character and her family who are scientists, inventors, and adventurers.  The first Trilogy explores Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt.

Books in the Amazon Lee Adventures in Ancient Kingdoms Series

Amazon Lee and the Ancient Undead of Rome (Book 1)

Amazon Lee and the Ancient Undead of Greece (Book 2)

Amazon Lee and the Ancient Undead of Egypt (Book 3)

Amazon Lee Adventures Series in China


Also in Chinese


Amazon Lee, the 13-year-old inventor scientist, and her family has flown to China on her family's private jet after finding out someone had stolen her formula to create an immortality serum and had traced it to China, her grandfather's birthplace.  It is Ama's first time going to China, and the Lees take the opportunity to meet up, see China's sights, experience the culture,  and get help in finding this breakthrough serum with Ama's cousins  who live in Beijing.  What seemed like another mysterious case for the Lees and a family vacation in China turned out to be much bigger than anyone could imagine including the ability to transcend time and meet some of China's historical legendary leaders.

Books in the Amazon Lee Adventures in China Series:

Amazon Lee and the Tomb of the Dragon King (Book 1)  

Amazon Lee and the Hidden Dragon of Red Cliffs (Book 2)  

Amazon Lee and the Red Jade Lady Liang of Song (Book 3)  

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