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Amazon Lee Adventures Series


Kailin Gow and Kira G.'s popular Amazon Lee Adventures Series is a STEM book, a Middle Grade/Teen Book Series, a Social Studies Book Series, and a Diverse Books Series  featuring a strong female character and her family who are scientists, inventors, and adventurers.  The first Trilogy explores Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt.

Books in the Amazon Lee Adventures in Ancient Kingdoms Series

Amazon Lee and the Ancient Undead of Rome (Book 1)

Amazon Lee and the Ancient Undead of Greece (Book 2)

Amazon Lee and the Ancient Undead of Egypt (Book 3)

Amazon Lee Adventures Series in China


Also in Chinese


Amazon Lee, the 13-year-old inventor scientist, and her family has flown to China on her family's private jet after finding out someone had stolen her formula to create an immortality serum and had traced it to China, her grandfather's birthplace.  It is Ama's first time going to China, and the Lees take the opportunity to meet up, see China's sights, experience the culture,  and get help in finding this breakthrough serum with Ama's cousins  who live in Beijing.  What seemed like another mysterious case for the Lees and a family vacation in China turned out to be much bigger than anyone could imagine including the ability to transcend time and meet some of China's historical legendary leaders.

Books in the Amazon Lee Adventures in China Series:

Amazon Lee and the Tomb of the Dragon King (Book 1)   - November 2018

Amazon Lee and the Hidden Dragon of Red Cliffs (Book 2)  - December 2018

Amazon Lee and the Red Jade Lady Liang of Song (Book 3)  - February 2019



STEM Cookbook Series for Age 7+ features using Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and History in Making Delicious Dishes!


The first Cookbook releases November 2018!


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The Garden Girl Series is the first book series in Sparklesoup's newest imprint Kira Kailin which is for Clean Teen Romances that may or may not fall under the STEM umbrella which covers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  The Garden Girl Series is a STEM book series which covers science, technology, engineering, math, history, while being a teen romance book series, written by ALA YALSA Award-winning Author Kailin Gow.

15 year old Eden Birdseye is the descendant of the inventor who invented the freezing process for food, and she is also born into a family of farmers with farms scattered along the California coastline.  Fresh out of boarding school and newly-enrolled in her local high school, Eden thought she would have a normal existence as a teenager, instead of the heir to a farming empire.  What she doesn't know is her knowledge of food, science, technology, and even math will come into play when a world crisis surfaces.  Suddenly, Eden who just wanted to hide, is now The Garden Girl, and she learns that despite being a girl and only 15, she can do a lot to help change the world for the better.

Release Dates and Order

Eden's Garden (Garden Girl #1) - February 2019

Eden's Experiment (Garden Girl #2) - March 2019

Eden's Crush (Garden Girl #3) - June 2019