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Magical Soup that Feeds the Mind

Publishers of Books and Producers of Films, TV Series, and Games that Sparks Self-Esteem, Delivers Entertainment, and Feeds the Soul for All Ages since 2001.

Over 14 Million Books Sold All Over the World!

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About Sparklesoup Productions

Sparklesoup Productions is the Production Arm of Sparklesoup Inc.  which produces original works or adapted works for the screen in all formats.

Sparklesoup Studios is a Production facility located in Las Vegas specializing in Visual Effects and Animation. We are internationally located to access and provide stage, film, and digital effects. 

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About Sparklesoup Concession Snacks

Sparklesoup Offers Concession Snacks like Kira G. Candies, Kira the Shark Natural Snacks, Bitter Frost Freeze Dried Ice Cream.

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